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The History of Ministry of Encouragement 

Ministry of Encouragement Church was founded by Senior Pastor Gabbella Jones in October of 1999.  The meeting place started in the senior pastor’s living room on Saturday nights to give God praise for one hour with a few people.  Sometimes 5, at others 6 or 7, even times when pastor found that she was the only one in attendance.  Yet she did not let that keep her from her commitment to do what God called her to do, no matter the attendance numbers. 

Gradually the Saturday night praise meeting grew and word began to spread, and before long cars were lined up outside of her home and along the roadside.  After some time,  we outgrew our first appointed meeting place. In 2003, the church moved into a small strip center in Dickinson.  This was definitely a change from the small space at Senior Pastor’s home, but it gave time to allow God to move His work along for His glory and growth. Church roles began to fill and members began to work in their appointed callings.  Some years later, God impressed on Pastor Jones' heart  to build a church, and continue His work there. 

Construction on the new building began on property belonging to the church.  In the spirit of being a lender and not a borrower (Deuteronomy 28:12), Pastor was intent on owing no man anything during this process. The church was built in phases with tithes and offerings of the dedicated members helping to build each portion of the church step by step, paying outright for each phase as it was completed.  In January of 2009, the church stood tall located at 3424 Hwy 3 in Dickinson,TX completed and fully paid for with no debt owed.  We were finally able to have our first official service inside the church sanctuary that God built on January 18, 2009. 

Ministry of Encouragement Church has come a long way from that faithful day when God saw fit to begin this work in the town of Dickinson, Texas.  One thing that God has proven is that He is faithful to perform what He has said; all He needs are willing workers to bring the vision to reality.  We are continuing the legacy of Senior Pastor Gabbella Jones and will continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus and encourage those that need to be uplifted.        

3G Stands for 3rd Generation,  comprised of the 3rd Generation of believers in Ministry of Encouragement Church. The church founder Gabbella Jones falls within the first generation, and current pastors Walter and Sheena Shanks are the second generation of believers carrying on the ministry. 3G includes sons and daughters of the 2nd generation of believers and the next in line to carry on the vision that was given by God for Ministry of Encouragement Church. Although  younger, this group does not let age hinder them from being a dynamic force within the community.  3G consists of praise dancers, music ministers, preachers, teacher, and willing workers looking to spread the love of God.

 The last Sunday of every month is 3G Takeover Sunday!  Members have the opportunity to shine in gifts and callings that God has placed in each of them.  From active demonstrations of God’s word and praise dances, to songs sung or  played on musical instruments, skits, poems, testimonies, and anointed sermons, 3G takes the reins and moves out in ministry in a powerful way. This is  on the job training for carrying on the word of God for the next generation to see and follow in our footsteps. 

Involvement in our community is an important task in the life of the believer.  3G makes an effort to be the driving force in our communities. Making a presence in our community and helping out at home is the foundation of the vision of the church, and this group continues to carry that on.  Visits to the Houston Food Bank,  and donations to local missions are part of our efforts to touch others that are in need.

MOE 3G embraces the realization that being a child of God is fun!  From trips to the bowling alley, to dinners, parties, and annual trips to amusement parks we find ways to get out have fun and still walk in the confidence of being a child of God.  3G is moving forward and taking the word of God with them!